Director Desk

Managing director :: Mr. Bholanath Mohanty

Being a builder is not just about putting up concrete structures, collecting money and making the balance sheets grow in figures and numbers. Rather, it is about shouldering a much larger social responsibility where in a person's life earnings are at stake for a shelter of his dreams or a commercial base to flourish. Therefore, the buildings should be constructed on the stronger foundation of faith & commitments. A builder should not collect money without getting fully satisfied about the title and all the statutory clearances, We should not aim at constructing buildings with just brick & mortar, but with feeling and a goal to deliver the best quality of product to customers. Over the years we have build a reputation of trust & impeccable quality. This high level of trust has come as a result of adhering to our commitments and promises not only to our customer but also our venders, contractors and employees.

We believe in three things in the long journey of fulfilling dreams of our customers.

Quality is the best business plan.

Sales go up & down but service stays forever.

The purpose of a business is to create a customer.

We should be careful in looking at the welfare of every worker & labourer for it is they who construct our houses brick by brick, Our buildings should be environment friendly causing least burden on the natural resources. In a nutshell, we should own up responsibilities , create benchmores without caring for costs, follow commitments and success will follow us to making a growing Odisha.

With Best Wishes Mr. Bholanath Mohanty.